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How to find the best WordPress Theme for your next project?

Wordpress is a CMS that can be used for many different kinds of websites. Depending on the purpose of your website, you need a template or theme that suites best. But what is best for you? is here to help you find the best theme for your next website. We have many different criteria to evaluate the quality of a template. Besides the design of a theme, hard SEO criteria is the most important factor for potential success of a website. So we do evaluate the following things in each theme amongst many other things!

Page Speed
WE check all important website speed parameters.
SEO matters
WE know whether a theme is good and ok with SEO or not.
Responsive Design
WE check all themes for responsive and mobile design.
Customization Options
WE check if the themes can be customized easily.
Source Code Check
WE do check whether the source code is clean or not.
Money vs. Outcome
ARE the themes worth the investment?

Are you new to WordPress and WordPress-Themes or want to start a professional Blog or Website?

In case you are either new to WordPress, Themes and Templates or do not have a lot of experience with blogging or setting up a website, we recommend you following our blog. We have a special section with basics for beginners.

Read our Blog

Why is an independent platform. We have our own rating system and we are not relying on reviews written on each of the platforms. Even the “quality checked” sign that is included does not necessarily mean that the offered themes are good for SEO and capable to support you when it comes to high rankings. Very often it means, that the themes fulfill some standard recommendations by each of the platform owners.

You will soon realize that we are not just writing about themes, telling you how beautiful they are. The added value on our platform includes a rating widget with our own rating for each theme. That’s what makes us different to all the other platforms out there, even if we are not selling themes on our own.

Our history

We are Graphic Designers, SEO Specialists, UX Lovers and Coders but we all had the same problems.

WordPress is a great CMS for various projects and offers so many options. We all created many different websites with WordPress. May it be webshops, agency websites, websites for carpenters, restaurants, freelancers, doctors or companies with WordPress. Starting with a theme is very often the only option if you have to be competitive in your own market. Creating a theme from scratch is often too much of a hassle and too expensive for most clients.

We all ended up choosing themes from the one or other theme-platform out there. At first, not really knowing if a theme is good for SEO or could easily be handled. Over the years we learned how to distinguish between perfect and easy to handle themes and those that were difficult to set up.

Now we want to share our knowledge with you!

Our rating widget explained

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